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Company Incorporation

Incoporation of Private LTD/ Public LTD/One Person Company/ Non-Profit Organization/ LLP


As per Section 3 of Companies Act, 2013, a Company may be formed for any lawful purpose by

a) seven or more persons, where the company to be formed is to be public company;

b) two or more persons, where the company to be formed is to be private company;

c) one person, where the company to be formed is to be One Person Company, that is to say, a private company.

Non-Profit Organization

As per Section 8 of Copanies Act, 2013, a person or an association of persons proposed to be registered under this Act as a limited company— (a) has in its objects the promotion of commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object;(b) intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects; and(c) intends to prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members,The Central Government may issue licence to such person or an association of person to be registered as a limited companyunder this section without the addition to its name of the word "Limited", or as the case may be, the words "Private Limited" , and thereupon the Registrar shall, on application, in the prescribed form, register such person or association of persons as a company under this section.

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership is an alternative corporate business form that gives the benefits of limited liability of a company and the flexibility of a partnership. LLP will have lesser compliance requirements as compared to a company.

=>The first requirement of any business to start with is to choose suitable structure to register itself as a legal entity. We will help you to choose right structure according to your business requirement considering all the legal and financial impacts. The Experts will help you with Pre and post registration compliances and licence requirements.

Register your business with Our
Comprehensive Packages
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Annual ROC Compliance

Annual Filing (AOC-4,MGT-7), DPT-3, BEN-2, KYC, MSME Filing, etc


Maintain your Annual Compliance with the help of our experts

Preparation & filing of Annual report, Annual return, documents for Auditor's appointment, declaration of beneficial shareholding, return of deposit, MSME return, KYCs, ACTIVe form, MGT-8 certificate, etc

Now-a-days Comliances of Companies and its regular maintenance have become complex in nature. That's why we are here to handle all your annual compliances, so that you can focus on your business.

Annual Compliance
Starting from INR 2,999/-


XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRL is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which provides major benefits in the preparation, analysis and communication of business information. It offers cost savings, greater efficiency and improved accuracy and reliability to all those involved in supplying or using financial data.


(1)The following class of companies shall file their financial statements and other documents under section 137 of the Act with the Registrar in e-form AOC-4 XBRL as per Annexure-I:-

(i) companies listed with stock exchanges in India and their Indian subsidiaries;

(ii) companies having paid up capital of five crore rupees or above;

(iii) companies having turnover of one hundred crore rupees or above;

(iv) all companies which are required to prepare their financial statements in accordance with Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015

Provided that the companies preparing their financial statements under the Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules, 2006 shall file the statements using the Taxonomy provided in Annexure-II and companies preparing their financial statements under Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015, shall file the statements using the Taxonomy provided in Annexure-II A: Provided further that non-banking financial companies, housing finance companies and companies engaged in the business of banking and insurance sector are exempted from filing of financial statements under these rules.”."]

(2) The companies which have filed their financial statements under sub-rule (1) shall continue to file their financial statements and other documents though they may not fall under the class of companies specified therein in succeeding years.

(3) The companies which have filed their financial statements under the erstwhile rules, namely the Companies (Filing of Documents and Forms in Extensible Business Reporting Language) Rules, 2011, shall continue to file their financial statements and other documents as prescribed in sub-rule (1) though they do not fall under the class of companies specified therein.]

We convert the financial statement in the XBRL format using the specified Taxonomy and rules applicable for the relevent financial year. Services include Analysis of Annual report and, Mapping & tagging, review & validation, instance document. After client review we also help them in uploading of the XBRL documents to MCA site.

Annual Compliance
Starting from INR 2,999/-


Conversion of Companies already registered under class into other class of companies/ Conversion of Companies into LLP


1.As per Section 18 of Companies Act, 2013 a Company of any class registered under this Act may convert itself as a Company of other class by alteration of Memorandum and Articles of the Company.

2. LLPs are preferred form of business structure which provides the benefits of limited liability of a company but allows its members the flexibility of organizing their internal management on the basis of mutual agreement, as is the case in a partnership firm. Advantages of LLPs are non-applicability of Dividend Distribution Tax on profit repatriation, MAT provisions;less compliance cost, etc. That's why many companies are getting converted into LLP.

We will guide you according to your needs and benefits for any type of conversion.

Conversion of Companies
Starting from INR 6,999/-




LODR is one of the most important regulation mandated by SEBI to enable transparency and fair disclosures by all listed entities in India. LODR provide for different disclosure requirements with timelines for different securities which are listed on recognized stock exchanges.

Major compliances are under LODR are:

Regulation 7(3)- Listed entity to submit a COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE within one month of end of half Financial Year to certify maintenance of physical and electronic transfer facility.

Regulation 13(3)- A list of Investor Complaints submitted and disposed of i.e. the status of such complaints received by the entity during a quarter to be submitted within 21 days after the end of each quarter.

Regulation 27(2)- Compliance report on CORPORATE GOVERNANCE to be submitted within 15 days after the end of each quarter.

Regulation 31- SHAREHOLDING PATTERN of different types of securities to be notified by the entity within 21 days after the end of each quarter.

Regulation 33- FINANCIAL RESULTS to be submitted within 45 days after the end of each quarter. ANNUAL FINANCIAL RESULTS to also be submitted within 60 days after the end of a Financial Year along with audit reports.

Regulation 34- Copy of ANNUAL REPORT sent to the shareholders along with the Notice of Annual General Meeting submitted to the stock exchange along with the dispatches made to the shareholders.

Regulation 40(9)- CERTIFICATE from a practising Company Secretary within one month of the end of each half Financial Year to certify that all certificates have been issued within thirty days of the date of lodgement for transfer, sub-division, consolidation, renewal, exchange or endorsement of calls/allotment monies.

LODR Yearly Compliance
Starting from INR 14,999/-


Secretarial Audit, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Tax Audit


There are various types of Audit under the Act.There are various types of Audit under the Act. Secretarial Audit applicability: 1. Listed Companies 2.Other Class of Companies: a. Every public company having a paid-up share capital of fifty crore rupees or more; or b. Every public company having a turnover of two hundred fifty crore rupees or more; or c. every company having outstanding loans or borrowings from banks or public financial institutions of 100 crore rupees or more; Statutory Audit for all class of companies registedred under Companies Act, 2013 which is required to check the accuracy. Internal Audit evaluate a company's internal controls, including it's corporate governance and accounting processes. Rule 13(1) of Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014 is applicable to class of companies which are requiredd to do an internal audit.Section 44AB of Income Tax Act is applicable to the class of persons required to do Tax Audit.

We have team of professionals to conduct above mentioned audits according to the requirements of applicable Acts & Rules.



Companies, LLPs registered under the Act are required to comply with the provisions of the governing Acts and Rules for various business transactions


The activities covered: Appointment/resignation/removal/change in designation of director, issue/transfer of shares, DPT-3 in case of deposits, ACTIVe form, Change in Authorised/paid-up capital, Alteration of main object of company, change in the name of company/LLP, Director's KYC, Change of registered office of the company, charge, Buy-back, change in clauses of LLP agreement.

We will help and prepare all the documents and forms for the above activities and file the same with concerned authority. You have to just mail the signed documents required by us.

Compliance under various clauses of
Companies Act & LLP Act
Starting from INR 2,500/-


Maintenance of secretarial requirements of an entity


Activities Covered: Compliance relating to meeting of Board of Directors/Shareholders/creditors, Drafting of Notices & Agenda for the Board meeting and General meeting, preparation of minutes of Board and General meeting, maintenance of statutory books and registers, preparation of scrutinizer's report, search report, etc

Maintaining up-to-date compliance records is complex. NOT TO WORRY. Our Compliance Managers are here to help you in maintainig your books up-to-date.

Starting from INR 5,000/-


FEMA/FDI/RBI regulations


Due to globalization, cross-boarder businesses have been increased which attracts the provisions of FEMA/FDI/RBI regulations. We have covered these regulations under our service span which includes making appplications to RBI for transactions in shares/debentures/securities between Residents in/outside India, transfer of shares to NRIs, setting-up of an entity by NRIs or person of Indian origin, compliance under FDI regulation and getting regular approvals, issue of required certificates, consultancy,etc

Corporates and individuals involved in cross boarder business are nowadays facing challanges in complying with the provisions of FEMA/RBI. Our Compliance team is here to help and guide you in handling of all the procedures and compliances at regular intervals.

Starting from INR 3,999/-


Closure of Company/LLP


Closure of Company is mainly in 2 ways: a. Strike-off (STK-2)- STK-2 to be filed which is to be signed by directors of the company authorized by the Board to do so. Conditions to be fulfilled: 1. Company has no assets and no liabilities and 2. Company has not commenced any business activity after its incorporation or 3. Company has not been carrying on any business activities since last one year prior to making an application for STK-2 , b. Voluntary winding-up- Situations where company can be wound up voluntarily: 1. The company passes a resolution in its general meeting upon the expiry of the duration for which it is formed, or upon the occurrence of any event in respect of which the articles provide for its dissolution, or 2. The company passes a special resolution (with approval of at least 3/4th of the shareholders) for a voluntary winding up of the company. Winding up a company voluntarily require long procedural compliance to follow.; Closure of LLP will be by making application to ROC in Form 24-LLP- 1. The LLP should have closed its complete business operations, 2. closure of bank accounts, 3. preparation of closing statement of accounts

Strike Off
Starting from INR 7,999/-


ITR filing, GST registration & returns


The services include: Income Tax returns, Preparation of financials,GST registration, GST filing, PT registration, PT Returns, LUT apply in GST, Book-keeping,etc.

The services will be provided as per client's requirements, business turnover,etc

Starting from INR 1,000/-


Digital Signature, trademark registration, Barcode, FSSAI


Services include: DSC class 2 & Class 3 for 2 years, Trademark registration, FSSAI License, Barcode registration. These are basic yet essential services for any business to survive in the competitive environment enhancing it's brand value.

You will get the Experts according to your requirements.

Other Services
Essential to Business
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